Xl Bully Studs

The XL is just one of the categories of Bully that comes from the mix of the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. It was not recognised as such until 1990 when it was officially registered.

It is not an aggressive breed, but due to its large size and strength, with poor training by owners, it can be a really dangerous dog.

What is the character of the Bully?

Despite its somewhat fierce appearance, the Bully’s character can be friendly and docile, as long as it receives proper training and socialisation. Its stable and outgoing character makes it a good dog breed.

It is a dog breed that likes to be active when it goes out for a walk, but at home its demeanour is calm, knowing perfectly how to distinguish when he can and cannot play around.

Being a genetically strong breed, Bully puppies are somewhat dominant and territorial, as is the case with most such breeds of dog. However, with a good breeding program and correct training of puppies, it is possible to correct any potential problems.

Due to its qualities as a guard dog, it is important to train it correctly to avoid any issues

Physical characteristics of the Bully

The Bully is a large-sized dog. Its height is around eighteen inches at the withers and its weight can reach fifty kilos.

On a physical level, its large head and powerful jaws stand out. Its neck is short and thick and it has a fairly broad chest. Its whole body is robust at general levels, athletic.

In proportion to its body, its legs and tail are somewhat shorter. However, do not be fooled, as it has great agility.

Categories of American Bully

Depending on their physical condition, the Bully breed can be divided into the following categories:

Pocket Bully: A Pocket Bully is rather small in size. Surprisingly, it is the Pocket Bully that has become the most popular of the breed in recent years.

Classic Bully: Its size is medium, and it carries good physical proportions in relation to the size of the chest/legs.

Standard Bully: As its name suggests, it is considered the Bully standard. Native to the other varieties of Bully.

Extreme Bully: Somewhat more robust than the standard, in size and proportions.

XL Bully: Can you imagine a specimen of this breed but giant in size? Well, there you have the XL.

Regardless of the type of Bully, the coat is always short, fixed and smooth. With colours such as white, black, brown or grey, generally bearing a white chest. The colours that are not officially allowed by the breed standard are albino or merlé, nor specimens known as American Bully Blue.

How to train American Bullies

The training of this breed requires something as basic as an owner with experience, being a strong dog with a matching temperament, it is necessary to know how to train XL bullies well from a puppy.

There are no bad dogs, but there are dogs that are genetically more prone to being aggressive or territorial. That is why it is extremely important to properly train these dogs because, in the wrong hands, they can be potentially dangerous.

Socialisation from puppies is essential, as well as teaching such dogs to control their bite. Mastering them and letting them know their place in the pack (family) is essential to avoid behaviour problems with these dogs.

This breed is not recommended for people without experience in canine training, nor for people with a passive personality or little physical strength.

Recommended care for xl American Bullies

As the XL American Bully is a very active breed, it is best to take it out at least three times a day for long walks and let it release its excess energy. Exercising with the dog while running or biking is a great idea.

Thanks to its short hair, the XL American Bully is not a dog that requires great hygiene care, although a couple of weekly brushings and a monthly bath are recommended; it is always good to keep it clean.

Due to the folds that can form in its skin, it is beneficial to dry it thoroughly to avoid moisture remaining between the folds, as this can lead to the development of fungus.

On the nutritional level, focus on a feed that contains a large amount of high-quality protein, avoiding feed with excess cereals or low-quality meats (by-products).

As for its health, the American Bully is a strong dog that, if well cared for, will hardly experience any health problems. However, some specimens are prone to dysplasia, so it is best to schedule regular visits to your local veterinarian to perform routine check-ups.

American Bully Breeding

Whether it is the larger XL bullies or Pocket bullies that attract you to the breed, one of the most important decisions you will make when you become a Bully owner is where to get your new puppy. It is the first step in the process of American Bully breeding and the aim is to bring a healthy, well-adapted dog into the world and to ensure that it has a warm and caring home.

This starts with the breeder offering the stud service making sure that the parents are equipped with the characteristics that should be passed on to the next generation of puppies. While cutting corners and unethical sources can lead to poor quality puppies and even worse results for your dog’s health, working with a responsible breeder will lead you to lifelong happiness with your dogs. Responsible breeders give you the opportunity to add a happy and healthy dog to your family.

One step for identifying the best breeders in the United Kingdom is a breeding register with the most up-to-date information about the studs and characteristics of the dogs previously bred.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find responsible American Bully breeders with the right knowledge and experience, and unethical breeding programs exist.

A serious breeder cares about the quality of care they provide their studs above all else. There is no one-stop-site for information on how to evaluate the quality of breeders, the health of their dogs or the safety of your dog’s health. Responsible breeding requires a lot of planning, skill and experience, and it is not nearly as easy to mate two dogs as many people think.

American Bully Breeding

Good American Bully breeders gain experience over decades and develop the skills to deliver puppies that are both physically and mentally healthy. They make conscientious decisions when they decide to breed a litter, and always take into account hereditary health problems that affect their breed. These decisions are based on their knowledge of the breed and health of their offspring.

A new breeder should always be mentored by someone with more experience so that they can benefit from their experience. Breeders who are good have the crucial depth of knowledge and expertise. Even if a new breeder is well-intentioned, they should always be guided by a breeder who has more experience.

Dog welfare

A responsible breeder has always put the welfare of the bred dogs first, not financial gain. A good breeder takes great care of the dogs they breed and takes care of them as well as his own family.

In considering the welfare of the stud, the breeder needs to consider above all the physical and mental needs of the breeding dog. When it comes to breeding, the breeder will always make sure that their dogs are bred at a frequency that is safe for their long-term well-being. Also, they will make sure that the dogs have a clean, comfortable and stimulating environment and that they receive the veterinary care they need on-site.

Early training

Breeders often have experience with training behaviour and use positive click training and tactile stimulation, which exposes the puppies to different sounds and sensations. occur. Good breeders are passionate about breeding puppies with a healthy temperament and make every effort to prepare their puppies for the best possible life with their new family. Once they have established a connection in this safe environment, they are ready for the next phase of their lives.


When breeding a litter, physical health is always the first priority, and often breeders have a veterinarian on hand that they trust. Responsible breeders ensure that their puppies are clean, comfortable, and well-fed and taken care of. They ensure the puppies are safe and that they are not suffering from heart disease or other problems.

Final Thoughts

Responsible breeders almost always have health guarantees that show that they have been able to perform health and genetic tests. They can also focus on finding the right match between a puppy and the new owner, and recommend which puppy is right for you to take into your family.

Take your time, do your research, talk to other Bully owners who have bred, review various breeders, and you will find the best breeding option for your dog.

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