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Canine infertility?

There are various options for all dog breeds and treatments and medications have evolved much in recent years. Are you looking for a K9 fertility clinic for artificial insemination or help with other canine fertility-related services?

As in humans, canine infertility cases can occur in all breeds. In most cases, owners will immediately do an online search for a “K9 fertility clinic near me”. A dog fertility clinic or canine fertility clinic can usually provide services that help solve fertility problems in dogs.

Here at the K9 fertility clinic, we offer solutions such as ultrasound scanning, progesterone testing, semen analysis, artificial insemination service, and other canine reproduction services.

How common is infertility in dogs?

Canine reproduction or fertility problems are common, but now there are more and better treatments to help dog breeders overcome them. It is a greater concern when you have pedigree dogs, especially a stud dog. Why? Because offspring is important to preserve the breed, lineage and genetic qualities of the animal.

How have treatments improved?

There are more and more studies and new treatments to solve certain problems. Canine medical knowledge has evolved, providing specific solutions for females and males. We offer these services at our K9 fertility clinic.

How to know if the problem is the female or the male?

In the case of the male, if several mounts are made with different females without success, a specialist needs to make an assessment of their reproductive capacity for dog breeding. A spermiogram is done: under the microscope, the volume, mobility, and pathology of the sperm are analysed. The sperm is also checked for azoopermia, or no sperm production, for which there are treatments that stimulate sperm production.

The female is hormonally monitored, to determine how her estrogens are and establish the right time for mounting or insemination (it can be vaginal; transcervical, with a probe, or intrauterine with surgery). Fresh or frozen semen can be used. If this doesn’t work after more than one attempt, there is likely a problem. Further tests such as ultrasound scanning and progesterone testing may be conducted to identify any problems.

Can it be treated?

There are hormonal treatments now available for dog breeding purposes. They help stimulate the pituitary gland to activate the reproductive hormonal system of the dog. In the case of females, treatments produce more follicles to ovulate and ensure that they are of better quality. In the male, the treatments are more focused on activating the production of testosterone which increases the number of sperm.

Is there in vitro insemination?

No, we don’t provide this service because the female reproductive system is too sensitive to manipulation. But with the right progesterone testing and other techniques, the optimal timing in the female’s cycle for breeding can be determined for the best results using artificial insemination techniques.

Can eggs and semen be frozen to ensure offspring?

Semen can be refrigerated, which is kept at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius for up to ten days. And there is also semen freezing for years or until the owner wants to use it.

We provide this service several times a week at the K9 clinic, especially for dog breeders who own pedigree dogs, to preserve the genetic material and continue the breed or lineage. Others are done for sentimental reasons, for example, the sudden need to castrate a dog, but the owners want to have a puppy, so the semen is frozen, with the knowledge that it can be used for artificial insemination in the future.

At the K9 fertility clinic Birmingham, in the West Midlands, we provide a full range of canine fertility services onsite in the clinic.

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm for appointments with vets, and Monday to Saturday from 9 am to late for non-vet appointments. If you can’t make it to the clinic during regular business opening hours and require service, you can call us on 07402093485 to make an appointment outside of our normal opening hours.

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