French Bulldog Studs

Finding the best French Bulldog stud can be difficult, especially in the United Kingdom, where the price of breeding is high. But identifying the right stud is one of the most important aspects of breeding dogs.

Follow these guidelines and limit your list to a few stud candidates within your price range; focus on French bulldog studs that do not have many flaws.

Prioritise what is most important to you, and try to find a stud that complements your dog’s weaknesses; the chances of finding a stud dog that corrects the same weaknesses in breeding are slim. If your dog inherited a trait that you need to change, learn as much as possible about your dog’s personality type and character traits.


If you look at the ancestry of your French Bulldog, you can estimate how likely it is that it carries a recessive gene. If you have inherited the undesirable characteristic of the bitch by simple dominance, high-quality French Bulldog studs can correct it.

However, if it is inherited polygenically, a stud dog may be able to correct this trait, but only partially, depending on the degree of severity. For example, a puppy may inherit the trait partly because it carries the recessive gene for it and breeders cannot correct it, or the bred males cannot correct it because it is inherited as a simple “recessive trait” or because they themselves do not possess this trait.

If you look at the siblings of the stud, you can get a better picture of the hidden polygenic genes that it could carry in its siblings. Consider dogs in other breeds and look for the same traits, but with different genes.

You can use a program that calculates the inbreeding coefficient (COI) of a proposed pedigree. This is a measure of how inbred a puppy would be, which in turn means how likely a recessive allele would double in a puppy.

Health issues

Since many hereditary health problems are inherited recessively, the chances of a healthy puppy are greater. Arrange to see your future stud dog in person; you can even arrange a visit to the breeder’s home so that you can see the future breeding dog personally.

If you are looking for a performance dog, be prepared to pay the price. Some people want what everyone else wants, while others look for something different – choosing less popular studs versus popular stud dogs.

In addition, if you plan to breed for subsequent generations, your dog will be more valuable to your breed if it does not carry the same genes that inundate the breed’s gene pool. While everyone else does the same, consider an older, middle-aged father for a younger female, and vice versa.

Old dogs have shown that they can live into old age; however, some have problems with sperm quality, but younger ones do not. Younger dogs may not be as mature but are less likely to suffer from health problems associated with age.

The location of the stud farm should be taken into consideration, but should not be the primary consideration. If you live in South Yorkshire, for example, it makes sense to consider a local stud farm first, before venturing further afield. It should have a good reputation and be Kennel Club registered (KC Reg). Spend some time browsing online adverts and breeding magazines. It is easy to filter by price or stud fee, and advert type: for sale, for stud, for adoption, etc. You will come across many offers from breeders looking to offer French Bulldog stud dogs, Cocker Spaniel studs, Portuguese Water Dog studs, etc. Some adverts can be very specific, detailing characteristics such as French Bulldog, ‘black mask’, ‘fawn pied’ stud available.

If the price is not a limitation, you might even consider a stud dog from abroad. In such cases, there is a lot you can do online before deciding. For example, if you are considering an alapaha blue blood bulldog from the USA, make sure you consult the Wisdom Panel Health tests for pedigree and breeding data, as used by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Ask about the health and longevity of the siblings and ancestors of the studs as well as the genetic test results for the offspring of the breeding French Bulldog studs.

When breeding French Bulldogs, temperament and health should be given priority over conformity or price. For example, if you breed a French Bulldog for competition, you are less likely to have to compromise on conformity, although the price may be higher.

Final thoughts

Remember that no French Bulldog is perfect and no mating or selection will be perfect, but do the best research you can on French Bulldog studs to increase your chances of getting the perfect puppy.

Finally, make sure you have a written agreement with the breeder detailing the overall price for the services, what that price includes (stud fee, kenneling fee, testing fees, etc.), so there are no misunderstandings.

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