Exotic Pocket Bully Studs

The term pocket exotic bully has become popular in recent years. It describes what some people refer to as an “overdone” type of American bully dog, which seem to exhibit more of the “bull” characteristics of a pit bull.


This type of bully is the result of crossing with smaller dogs from the bulldog breed, and their features often appear somewhat exaggerated.

The most distinct features are their height, stocky and muscular body, and large head. This particular type of bully is more compact and shorter than other examples of the breed and is popular with people looking for a smaller-than-normal bully. These dogs are now well-known for looking adorable and their personality, which is suitable for people with normal lifestyles.

What does exotic bully mean?

It refers to a new designer dog breed, distinct from the traditional bully breed. There are some excellent examples such as the Instagram-famous Louis V and the Venomline bred by Texas Size Bullies. Louis V and offspring Venom and Omega have been the driving force behind the rise in popularity of this type of bully in recent years, notching up countless features in Bully King Magazine as well as TV appearances.

This has led to a slew of Instagram-worthy Venom-lookalikes appearing online and many people becoming interested in breeding or acquiring such dogs based on the fame attained by Louis V and Venomline by Texas Size Bullies.

Needless to say, producing a world-class pocket bully specimen such as those of the Venomline and others frequently featured in Bully King Magazine is not as easy as many people think.

What distinguishes a great pocket bully?

The best pocket American bully studs, like Venom and others in the Venomline, have a square-shaped, block-like head, a thick snout that looks shattered, and a bone structure that is very dense. The Pocket American Bully is bred for its height, chiselled square head and extra girth, as well as for its muscular body.

The puppies come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Most breeders are passionate about the breed and proudly post their productions on Instagram to garner attention and interest from potential owners and other breeders. But breeding successfully does not mean simply putting two dogs in the same room and letting them get on with it.

Breeding consistency

In recent years, the exotic bully has begun to acquire a more coveted look, and it has become more consistent thanks to top American bully breeders like Texas Size Bullies and their Venomline of dogs and others. Selective breeding improves the entire bloodline and brings a more even consistency to the breed.

American bully breeders need to understand their dog, study its breed and know what qualities to bring in through external blood. The breed standard serves as a guide to which traits might be introduced from outside the direct bloodline, not just from within.

Distinguishing features
The exotic pocket American bully should have a long, narrow head with a block-like head type and a broad, flat chest and should give the impression of a bulldog, not a full bully, but rather a small dog. The chest should be broad – physically corresponding to the “blocky” head types and the breed is head – in – in front of the chest.

The recognition and fame of exotic bullies are growing by the day thanks to publications like Bully King Magazine, the popularity of Venomline clone Instagram pictures, and numerous breeders such as Texas Size Bullies and others offering these adorable creatures for sale. Finding a good breeding kennel is a big challenge, but with the help of expert advice, it can be easier than trying to do it all on your own.

The question of phenotype vs genotype


This refers to the characteristics you first see when you look at a dog. If you want a dog that looks a certain way, you need to breed dogs with those phenotypes. Many people consider phenotypes as predominant factors when breeding dogs. It is all about looks! Hence the Instagram craze for posting pics of Venom-like bullies.

But top breeders like those that breed Venomline know that their line-bred studs are naturally more likely to reproduce their winning traits than a stud which lacks the same pedigree, usually as a result of outcrossing. With top-class studs, the chance that continuity of characteristics is maintained is much higher and the chance of introducing unexpected or even undesired characteristics is reduced.


This refers to the genetic DNA of the dog — and you need to understand that just because a dog looks a certain way, does not mean that it can reproduce puppies that have the same characteristics. To increase the chances of getting what you want, the stud dog should not only have the physical characteristics that you are looking for but also the genetic history to reproduce those same features, as evidenced by top studs like Venom.

Top studs are highly likely to pass their best characteristics onto their puppies – and this is what drives the success of the Venomline, for example. Successful breeders of top dogs like Venom know that their studs possess the genetics to propagate the best of the American bully breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What two breeds make a pocket bully?

The pocket bully breed is a mix of American pit bull and Patterdale Terrier. Some people refer to them as ‘Patterdales’ or ‘Pocket Pitbulls’. Pocket bullies have the overall build of a typical American pit bull but are much smaller in height, which comes from the Patterdale Terrier. Many people consider it to be a designer dog, which is one of the reasons it is so expensive.

What are bully bumps?

Bully bumps are actually just allergy-induced hives. This condition can be quite common in an exotic bully as they are quite sensitive. It normally looks worse than it is, but you should visit your local vet to ascertain the cause and best treatment. the bumps have a raised profile, so the hairs of the dog’s coat stick out where there is swelling.

Bully bumps, or hives, can appear suddenly, within about 30 minutes of being exposed to an allergen. Effective treatment will depend on the cause but might include an antihistamine to control any swelling or discomfort present. You can also use a hypoallergenic shampoo to clean your dog’s coat, but make sure to thoroughly rinse your dog afterwards.

How much is a pocket bully worth?

Prices vary quite a bit depending on the particular dog, breed, heritage, and other factors. Although the price of a purebred might be only £500, pocket bullies are more expensive because of their ‘designer’ status. You can expect to pay between £1500 and £5000. Top-quality specimens or competition winners will cost even more.

The typical stud fee can also vary dramatically depending on the lineage, location, and pedigree of the stud. Prices typically range from £400 to £2000.

Final thoughts

Although a pocket American bully is a small dog, you will quickly fall in love with it. It might look super tough due to its muscular appearance, but it has a friendly nature and a heart of gold.

These dogs are very intelligent, and so you need to train them correctly and give them plenty of exercises to help their mental and physical growth.

You will love having this dog as part of your family, as it will give you unconditional love, and is fiercely protective despite its small size.

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