American Bulldog Studs

Let’s take a look at some essential information anyone planning to adopt or breed an American Bulldog needs to know.

Due to the appearance of American Bulldogs, anyone could imagine that they are aggressive dogs not suitable for pets, much less to live with children. But all the information on this breed indicates the contrary; the reality is that they are docile dogs and loyal to their owners. These dogs like family life and they have a strong protective instinct and prefer to be indoors. Since they are very patient, they are perfect for living with children. It all depends on the training that is applied as puppies, but they can easily learn to live with other dogs and humans

What characteristics should the owner of an American Bulldog have?

As mentioned, the owner must be firm and masterful in training American Bulldogs. It requires a lot of responsibility and time dedicated to walks and games, at least one or two hours a day since it is one of the dog breeds with considerable energy, which if not channelled productively, could lead to destructive bad habits. You can get plenty of information online or from other owners about how to avoid any destructive behaviour.

What is the proper environment for an American Bulldog?

The ideal for this breed of dog is an open environment with a garden where it can run and expend plenty of energy. If you live in an apartment, it would be advisable to take your dog for a walk of at least one to two hours a day.

Coat care

The ideal for this breed of dog is an open environment with a garden where it can run and expend plenty of energy. If you live in an apartment, it would be advisable to take your dog for a walk of at least one to two hours a day.

As for the frequency of bathing, it is advisable to do it every two months, and attention must be paid to the folds of the face since they are humid areas and therefore candidates for skin problems. As for the nails, ears, teeth and eyes, it will also be necessary to clean them constantly. If you have any doubts about hygiene protocols, consult your local vet for further information.

Physical description

This breed of dog is considered medium to large in size, the females reach a height of between 56 and 63 cm, but the males are taller, reaching 61 to 68 cm. The appropriate weight for females is 31 to 41 kilos, and for the males, the weight can range from 41 to 50 kilos.

Perhaps the most important physical characteristic, like its close relative the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, is its powerful appearance that is related to its strength since these dogs possess a very marked muscle tone. The neck, the legs, and the chest give the impression of being in front of a tank! Altogether it is a compact dog, with strong bones and muscles, it is a breed that is defined by its power, it is also a good hunter. The colour of the coat is traditionally white with a combination of brindle; there are mixtures with brown, reddish or fawn. More uncommon colours include black and tri-colour.

An American Bulldog stud can be distinguished by being even more robust with a denser skeleton. The head is prominent and the forehead is flat. An American Bulldog stud is impressive in its appearance of great muscular strength. The information recorded by breeders shows that a top-class specimen can command a hefty stud fee.

The colour of the eyes is also an important issue; according to the information included in the breed standard, the accepted colours for this breed are black or brown, while colours such as blue are valued less. The ears are small and triangular, and if they are too raised it is seen as a fault.


The American Bulldogs are happy, playful and very affectionate dogs. It is a very pleasant breed and suitable for children, but any games between them should be supervised.

Given their playful nature and propensity to bite, we recommend these dogs have plenty of toys so that they have something to entertain their jaws with. After expending any excess energy, you will have a calm dog that loves to spend hours asleep in a good armchair or on the carpet.

This breed is very intelligent, it will quickly assimilate information and learn the rules of the house, and many owners claim it is a good family dog ​​just like a Labrador retriever.

The American Bulldog is of the hunter type, and since it was obtained from the cross of a Pitbull, its instinct is predatory, so based on this information it is not recommended to mix it with cats.

It is not a particularly independent breed, the Bulldog develops affectionate ties with its owner and is very attached to its social group. This breed is not very tolerant of loneliness, it needs company and play. If it spends too much time alone, it can develop destructive habits, or start barking too much, so the owners of an American Bulldog should be aware that their dog may appear to have the strength of a bull but has the tenderness of a Cocker Spaniel.

Training information

The American Bulldog is an obedient and very intelligent dog, but owners need to know how to train it with patience and without violence, so as not to stimulate aggressiveness in it. Pleasant stimuli and a good relationship with the owner will help to obtain a positive result and the cooperation of the dog, although tolerance will be necessary because it is a very stubborn breed.

For this reason, the American Bulldog is not recommended for a person without previous experience with pets. As a first dog, it can become very complicated for a person without the correct information about training, and who is not used to dealing with the imposing temperament of a Bulldog. Your vet or local American Bulldog Owner’s Club can provide you with useful information on training.


The Bulldog is not a barking dog, since its presence alone helps it to intimidate, so it is unlike small breed dogs such as a German Spitz, Jack Russell, or Shorthaired Pointer which are noisy by nature. A Bulldog will give your ears a rest.

And speaking of the German Spitz and Jack Russell, the Bulldog shares a characteristic with these breeds, and that is its attachment to its owner. The American Bulldog prefers to be with its family members, so it does not have a tendency to run away. With a Bulldog, you will not have to draw its attention to fix it on you as you would with more independent breeds such as a Siberian Husky. In the case of a Bulldog, their company is assured day and night.

Powerful jaws

Bulldogs can wipe out your furniture on a lonely and boring afternoon, so it is important to keep them well exercised and with plenty of toys.

Weight gain

This breed is especially gluttonous, ​​so you should take care with the amount of food they consume daily, to avoid any unnecessary weight gain. Consult your local vet for information about the best diet for your dog.

How does the American Bulldog get along with other breeds?

It is important to socialise your Bulldog from a puppy with other dogs. It generally gets along well with any type of breed, from a Miniature Schnauzer to an Alaskan malamute. But the Bulldog, due to its strong character, will want to dominate in the pack and this could lead to discord.

How is the Bulldog with children?

As we clarified previously, this type of dog is a good playmate, friendly and affectionate, patient and protective, so despite its intimidating physiognomy, it is an excellent family dog.

How long can an American Bulldog live?

The average lifespan of a Bulldog dog is up to 13 years. So you will have many years to enjoy this loyal friend.

How many puppies can a female American Bulldog have?

The information recorded regarding the number of puppies in an American Bulldog litter shows that it depends on the number of mounts performed, the pedigree of studs, the age of females, and other health factors. On average, up to 11 puppies per litter is normal. Gestation time can be up to 63 days and you should feed your female Bulldog a balanced diet necessary for pregnancy, rich in protein and calcium.

Final thoughts

The information above shows that American Bulldogs make great family dogs, They are playful and protective and form strong bonds with their immediate social group. With the correct care and plenty of exercise and play, you will enjoy many years with your dog.

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