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All matings are completed by artificial insemination (a.i). However, we advise all females are bread as a result of progesterone test accuracy to avoid disappointment, but this is not compulsory. All stud fees must be paid at on the first mating appointment. Stud fees will include a scan after 35 days of the first insemination. If the female doesn’t conceive a free remate with the same stud is offered free of charge the next time your female is in heat. We will assist every step of the way, along with providing professional advice to ensure the best outcome for you and your dog. We are a midlands based company, but all of our services are available nationwide. Please email us for any inquires or any advice see our contact us section.


  • Clinically artificially inseminated
  • Free scan 35 days after insemination
  • Authentic bloodlines – 5 generations of history
  • Servicing all of the UK
  • UK’s leading source for dog studs
  • Unique puppies for sale

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